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The Man Behind the Mask

See that goofy kid over there? That's me 35 years ago when the old Eastbrook Mall used to hold comic conventions.
Comics have always been a part of my life: from buying my first comic (Batman #254) to bringing home Scooby-Doo comics for my kids. I'm beyond thrilled to open this store as a sort of fulfillment of a far-off dream. 
The most enjoyable thing about starting this store for me has been meeting and talking with so many other comic lovers! 

The Store Behind the Signal

Founded by Don Myers of Grand Rapids, Michigan, The Comic Signal is a home for comic book lovers and enthusiasts. We also offer other comic related items as well as a venue for popular board games and collectible card games such as Magic the Gathering. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, friendliness, and commitment to creating community.


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Products We Carry

We love helping you find exactly what you want. Many times we can special order items for you! Just ask! 

Used Comics
Used Comics

We have several $1, $2, and $3 comic boxes as well as individually priced and rare comics.

POPs and Action Figures
POPs and Action Figures

We carry POPs as well as action figures and other collectible items.

Comic and Card Protection
Comic and Card Protection

We carry a large line of BCW items to protect your comics and cards.

Graphic Novels
Graphic Novels

We have a wide variety of graphic novels and are constantly adding and special ordering.


We carry a small selection of statues and more collectible figurines. However, we always special order for you!

Kid's Corner
Kid's Corner

We have a large selection of kid-friendly comic books and graphic novels.


We have an entire wall of T-shirts and sweatshirts. If possible, we carry up to XXXL.

New Comics
New Comics

All of our new, weekly comics come bagged and boarded!


We have a large selection of board games, dice games, and card games (including Magic The Gathering and Pokemon).


Subscription Service

  • 10% off all new comics

  • 10% off all new graphic novels

  • All books come bagged and boarded

  • Easily update us with your list in store, by phone, by email, or by Facebook

  • We will always try to accommodate requests for variants when able.

  • Please pick up your issues monthly (we prefer weekly)

  • If a month passes and you have not picked up your comics, we will email or call you one time a month from the oldest release date

  • If no response, we reserve the right to return items to stock and suspend account. 

  • If extenuating circumstances occur, we are happy to work with you. However, it is your responsibility to communicate with us!

  • What you ask for on your pull list is what we expect you to buy. Please do not return inventory to the shelf. 

​If you would like to special order a specific issue or other item(s), please use this contact form or message us on Facebook. 

For our subscription service, please include your first and last name, email, the titles you want on an ongoing basis, and the number of each. If you do not tell us how many of each issue you want, we will assume you only want one of each. 

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Event Schedule

We host many events at The Comic Signal ranging from game nights to artist and author visits. 

Some of our past events include: 

-Learn a Game Nights

-Red Dragon Inn Tournaments

-Artist and Author Alleys featuring local artists and authors

-Scott Rosema visit


-Free Comic Book Day

-Grand Gamers Guild Launch Parties

-JAFAX Gaming

-Extra Life Game Nights

Need a place to play games? Email Don on the Contact Us page and ask for available nights. 

Want to host an event? Email Don on the Contact Us page. We love hosting gaming events, artist and author visits, and more! We often have great turn outs and would love to love to help you get the word out about your new comic, game, etc.!


Contact Us

ADDRESS: 4318 Plainfield Ave., Suite H, Grand Rapids, MI  49525

TEL: 616-259-8017  |  ComicSignal@gmail.com

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